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Broadcasters rule out allowing Premier League clubs to sell PPV matches

Clubs want to stream matches that aren't available on pay-TV channels as a way to recoup some of their lost revenues

Premier League clubs have reportedly been told they will not be able to stream pay-per-view matches their websites even if the matches are not being broadcast on TV.

Premier League clubs had hoped to be able to stream their own matches to help make up for some of the estimated £100 million a month in lost revenue brought about by the absence of fans.

The Daily Mail reports that both BT Sport and Sky Sports are firmly opposed to clubs being given rights to games the broadcasters do not want to air and would prefer to continue with the status quo should it be decided all matches must be aired domestically.

The clubs are set to meet are due to meet during the next couple of weeks to finalise TV scheduling for the rest of October, and the Mail suggests the Premier League is set to side with its broadcast partners.

There had been reports that broadcasters had seen a drop in viewers compared to last season leading some to question whether fans had had too much football to watch. However, Sky Sports said it saw its best ever day on 4th October, with more than 14 million viewers tuning in to an average of 95 minutes of programming.