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Brits unaware of local TV? BroadStream research revealed

Three quarters of British viewers are unaware that a local channel could be launching near them this year

Research from BroadStream Solutions has revealed that three quarters of British viewers are unaware that a local channel could be launching near them this year, with 15 per cent saying they had heard of local TV, but didn’t know where the channels are due to launch.

London Live, Mustard TV in Norwich and Estuary TV in North Lincolnshire are already live, though this new research casts doubt on their futures, as well as those of the forty seven local channels still to come.

The West Midlands seemed most positive about the concept of local TV, with 63 per cent of participants saying they would be very or fairly likely to watch a local TV channel, followed by the North East (58 per cent), with Londoners being the least interested, with just 44 per cent.

Brits were also asked about local TV channel content preferences. Those questioned were most interested in watching local news programmes, followed by documentaries (fifty two per cent), and almost a third most interested in watching their local sports team.

Sixty four per cent of people said that uninteresting programmes was the most likely thing to put them off watching their local TV service. Other viewer turn-offs include poor production quality and too many adverts being shown during programmes.

BroadStream Solutions’ CEO Mark Errington, commented: “There are certainly challenges ahead for the new breed of local TV channels launching this year, from creating the right content to finding the right way to generate income. One approach was highlighted by the launch of London Live earlier this year, by working in conjunction with their other media companies, such as newspapers. Local TV is in the midst of a five-year programme to see if it can succeed where regional TV failed, but the key to success will be ensuring they strike the right balance between revenues and views.”

BroadStream Solutions polled a representative sample of the UK population in conjunction with YouGov.