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Boxer boosts multi-screen hybrid apps with Norigin

Norigin Media has won the business of Boxer TV in its busy home territory of Scandinavia, a region renowned for being competitive in the streaming TV arena.

Norigin Media has won the business of Boxer TV in its busy home territory of Scandinavia, a region renowned for being competitive in the streaming TV arena. The company has entered into a partnership with Boxer TV for the licensing of its multi-screen hybrid apps solution in Sweden and Denmark.

The new TV everywhere client apps will extend the current Boxer TV service to mobiles, tablets, PCs and Macs to deliver OTT TV and video content to customers across Scandinavia.

Boxer TV is part of Teracom Group, which owns and operates DTT networks with pay TV services across Sweden and Denmark. It’s one of the Nordic region’s largest pay TV companies and has been delivering content on the Swedish DTT network since 1999.

The company currently offers over 50 live channels and a comprehensive VoD catalogue to one million subscribing households in the region. The integration of Norigin Media’s technology will see further premium content added to Boxer TV’s current offering, which is slated to go live in the summer.

“Boxer TV is one of those pay TV operators that waited out the storm of OTT services in Scandinavia and is one of the last few to launch an OTT service here in Scandinavia,” said Ajey Anand (pictured), co-founder and CCO at Norigin Media. “They have over a million household subscribers, they are one the largest players in Sweden with a smaller presence in Denmark.”

Anand says both commercial and technical sustainability are the key trends in the market today, with access to content being one of the major hurdles. Using Telenor’s Comoyo as an example – a venture which folded last year citing tough competition and high content costs — Anand notes that Boxer TV is at an advantage as it doesn’t need to make huge investments to access content.

Where Boxer TV has had to invest however is in the technology. Anand says the evolving number of devices is a huge challenge in this market, as providers who launch OTT services need to ensure they can keep up with the evolution of devices.

“The technology is more affordable than the content but there are so many devices coming out on all types of platforms that it can be difficult for service providers to maintain that service as well. That’s where a specialist company like Norigin comes in: device support is one of our strongest USPs.”

The company’s multi-screen applications include a common HTML5 layer within all apps, to enable operational sustainability and flexible UI/ UX implementation. Anand noted that the array of devices used to access OTT content will continue to expand this year to include game consoles for example. “In the US, the game console is the core of the household TV viewing experience and Europe has been slowly catching up.”

Norigin Media has also started to showcase the integration of Chromecast into its Hybrid Apps. “Feature support for Chromecast from TV services grew over 10 times in a short space of time after its launch in the US,” said Anand. “Advancing the ‘swiping’ of content from small to large screens will be a big topic this year, people have taken a lot of time to do that with AirPlay but less with Chromecast.”

Also on the cards this year is the topic of analytics within the apps. “People want to know who is viewing the apps and how they are using them. We plan on presenting features to allow service providers to have access to a plethora of app usage information,” he said. 

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