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Best of IBC Editor’s Awards – Monitoring & Presentation

Next in our round-up of the IBC2010 Editors’ Awards, David Fox details the Awards in the categories of Monitoring and Presentation.


Cel-Soft – Cel-Scope
This 3D stereoscopic analyser should help productions avoid bad 3D. Costing €3,500 the software runs on powerful Windows PCs and allows users to set a depth budget (by pixels or percentage), warning when you go over it. It also measures vertical disparity, can preview 3D as full-resolution luminance or any other anaglyph format (up to six at once), does colour matching in real time and audio analysis for up to 16 channels. “What we’re offering is, I believe, better, more flexible and more affordable,” than its rivals, said MD Robin Palmer (pictured). The system has been bought by the EBU to do 3D testing.

Dolby – PRM-4200
This is Dolby’s first entry into the LCD arena, with a new 42-inch reference monitor that has won plaudits for its colour accuracy and black levels. Its backlight uses red, green, and blue LEDs that are individually modulated to match each frame (as is the overall LCD panel). Other features include: extended dynamic range; digital cinema colour gamut support for movie grading; and the ability to emulate any other display device so you don’t need another monitor or projector.

JVC – DT-3D24G1
This new 24-inch 3D LCD production monitor allows you to set your depth budget, and tells you if you go over it, and by how many pixels (or the percentage). The polarised monitor can be viewed using inexpensive glasses and includes waveform and vectorscope displays. It will also flag up any disparity between the timecode on either camera.


Ensemble Designs – iPhone interface

Ideal for taking material from citizen journalists, as it allows easy capture of video or graphics from an iPhone (or other iOS device), which can be put straight to air. “It doesn’t require any application on the iPhone. It is a free download for our Brighteye Mitto” computer to broadcast interface, said director of sales Mondae Hott (pictured). It could also be used with Apple’s FaceTime video phone application to allow two-way interviews using ordinary camera output of the presenter, but that will require work with Apple.

Vizrt – Viz Anchor
An iPad touch-screen application that allows the presenter to control the graphics and to play video clips on a video wall via WiFi. “It’s for interactive presentations, such as elections, where there is information coming in, so the presenter can see what is on offer and go to it when he wants to,” explained Steinar Søreide, Vizrt Operational CTO (pictured). It works with the newsroom automation system (via MOS) and any number of users can use it at once, combined with choices from the gallery. “We’ve had several presenters from TV channels who came to try it out for themselves and they all loved it. They want to be in control.”