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Bectu: UK government is failing freelancers over coronavirus

Many freelancers "have already fallen through the net" due to lack of sick pay

A Bectu survey has found that 97 per cent of creative freelancers think the government is failing to respond to their concerns during the coronavirus crisis.

The survey launched after the budget as a response to self-employed, zero hours contract workers and freelancers not being covered by measures including statutory sick pay.

When asked how well the government are responding to the concerns of freelancers, 52 per cent said terribly and a further 43 per cent said not well.

Head of Bectu Philippa Childs said: “These findings show that many of these people have already fallen through the net. The chancellor has an opportunity today to rectify this and put in to place measures that will cover people who can’t access the benefits system or statutory sick pay.

“These people can’t be left in limbo any longer and the government must recognise that because of coronavirus many jobs have been cancelled and there is a real prospect of no work for many months ahead. Support for this group can not be delayed any longer.”

The news follows yesterday’s petition by the union to urge the government to do more to protect the income of freelancers.