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BBC welcomes NAO report into salaries

NAO warned that Netflix could drive up BBC spending

The BBC has responded to a report from the National Audit Office (NAO) which assessed the broadcaster’s salary structure.

The BBC made headlines last year when details of its talents’ salaries were published revealing gender-based pay imbalance, and has since worked to cut its bill.

The report found that the broadcaster is now “well ahead of other organisations with regards to pay transparency” and that the BBC’s gender pay gap “compares well to other media organisations.”

It also warned that Netflix could drive up BBC spending, suggesting that the streaming company has had an “inflationary” impact on the broadcasting market and threatens to lure talent away from the BBC or force the broadcaster to pay more; sports pundits could earn up to seven times as much with another broadcaster.

The BBC did not address the Netflix argument but welcomed the NAO’s findings, adding: “Pay ranges will be reviewed annually, retaining the support of our external advisors to do so where required.”