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Atomos to acquire Timecode Systems

Financial details have not been revealed

Atomos has announced the acquisition of Timecode Systems, bringing the company’s wireless sync standard into the next generations of the entire Atomos product range.

Details of the acquisition have not been announced.

The two companies said their aim is to build tightly integrated multicamera workflow solutions that unify all recording devices on set, allowing these devices to work together more cohesively.

Atomos confirmed its AtomX Sync module for the Ninja V and the Neon series of monitors will be the first products to feature integrated Timecode Systems technology.

Jeromy Young, CEO and founder of Atomos, said: “Right now, this disconnect between recording devices is holding back multicamera content creation. To truly shoot collaboratively, everything needs to work in perfect, frame-accurate sync — there has to be a robust wireless connection. The Timecode Systems RF protocol is this bulletproof link. Working together, we now have the glue to create a truly connected multicamera solution.”

Paul Scurrell, CEO and co-founder of Timecode Systems, added: “The drive, energy, and desire to push boundaries is what excites me most about entering this new era with Atomos. Both companies have a history of executing successful collaborations with best-of-breed technology partners; this just takes it to a whole new level. The impact is going to be industry-changing.”