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ARG releases next gen adapters

ARG ElectroDesign is now shipping its next generation software upgrade for the Media Combiner range of broadcast network adapters.

ARG ElectroDesign is now shipping its next generation software upgrade for the Media Combiner range of broadcast network adapters.

The software upgrade features ARG’s powerful new patent pending Zero Jitter technology which eliminates network jitter, making it possible to feed DTT SFN transmitter sites and link GSM backhaul circuits over IP networks without external synchronisation sources.

ARG’s Zero Jitter technology has been developed following extensive research undertaken by members of the company’s R&D team who studied the synchronisation requirements of GSM backhaul and DVB-T Single Frequency Network (SFN) distribution circuits. Investigations enabled them to identify how these applications are impaired by signal jitter – particularly when the circuits are IP or packet based.

As a result, ARG has developed a patent pending FPGA algorithm that maintains the timing integrity of synchronous and plesio-synchronous signals such as 2MBbps G.703 and DVB-ASI signals over IP and packet-based networks. One important benefit of this new development is that the next-generation Media Combiner network adapters do not require external reference clocks. This gives users a significant advantage as they are not reliant on the performance of peripheral devices and can avoid the frustrations and delays caused by loss of bandwidth which occurs during clock recovery and error correction processes.

“Our products continue to be the preferred choice for serious backhaul applications”, said Mike Footer, sales and marketing director, ARG ElectroDesign. “The Zero Jitter Technology offers further scope for cost efficiencies and improvements to broadcasting practices and therefore helps our customers to stay ahead of their competitors.”

ARG’s next-generation software upgrade is available across the range of Media Combiner network adapters, including the 1900EX model. Also featured as standard is ARG’s Fast Redundant Ring Ethernet switch technology which gives content distributors the ability to build low delay fault tolerant ring and meshed Ethernet networks. The 1900EX allows transmission of realtime video IP sources and DVB-ASI and 2 Mbit/s G.703 signals over carrier Ethernet and private microwave circuits in ring and meshed topologies, making it suitable for all content distribution applications, including mobile back-haul, DVB-H, digital terrestrial DVB-T and digital radio DAB distribution. Its integrated 32 Gbit non-blocking Ethernet switch with Fast Redundant Ring technology enables users to attain redundancy switching speeds of less than 5mS per link. This far out-performs other products based on traditional enterprise Ethernet switch technology that make use of STP (spanning tree protocol). In addition, Fast Redundant Ring technology has no risk of generating broadcast storms which can occur with traditional Ethernet switches if used in ring or meshed configurations.