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Apple’s Tim Cook hints at entertainment offering

Cook tells analysts company is working on "something" but isn't ready to reveal what yet

Apple CEO Tim Cook has hinted that the tech giant is working on “something” when it comes to an entertainment offering, but still won’t reveal what it is.

In a call with analysts, Cook discussed the company’s ambitions in terms of content and its recent hiring of a number of key TV executives, including former Channel 4 CCO Jay Hunt: “They have been here now for several months and have been working on a project that we’re not really ready to share … all the details about it yet. But I couldn’t be [more] excited about what’s going on there.”

Cook said he expects cord cutting to accelerate “at a much faster rate” than generally believed.

“All the things, all the forcing functions here from the outside, all point to dramatic changes speeding up in the content industry,” Cook said. “And so we’re really happy to be working on something — but just not ready to talk about it in depth today.”