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Africa’s MultiChoice picks Clearleap multiscreen platform

African pay-TV provider MultiChoice has selected Clearleap to help it to deal with the rapidly increasing amount of content it needs to process.

African pay-TV provider MultiChoice has selected Clearleap to help it to deal with the rapidly increasing amount of content it needs to process.

In order to meet the needs of its subscribers, the amount of content Multichoice was processing and offering was growing rapidly. As a result, the teams operating the preparation and logistics of video delivery were struggling to cope with the amount of content, formats and delivery points in order to get MultiChoice’s content in front of its viewers.

MultiChoice had several independent workflow processes for delivering content to set-top boxes (STBs), as well as its online video platform. With content coming from various sources, and going to different user devices, MultiChoice’s content needed to undergo several transitions with complex interdependencies, including adding pre-/post-roles, generating different formats, and logo generation.

“As South Africa’s leading pay-TV provider, we’re always looking for ways to improve our customers’ experience and ensure that they can get the content they love, wherever and whenever. Clearleap makes this a reality,” said Gerdus Van Eeden, CEO, broadcast technology, MultiChoice. “The shift to digital and OTT distribution is only going to accelerate, and by leveraging Clearleap’s technology we’re several steps ahead of the game. Knowing that our content will be quickly delivered to the right platforms in the right formats means we can focus on our core business and continue to excite our subscribers with a world of entertainment.”

MultiChoice was looking for an automated workflow solution to improve its operational video workflows, allowing the broadcaster to continue to grow its offerings, and guarantee the delivery of premium quality video across all MultiChoice platforms.

Clearleap’s multiscreen platform enables MultiChoice to build complex and flexible workflows in order to create an end to end content preparation and logistics process. With an all automated concept, even complex dependencies in the process do not require manual interaction, and volumes can scale up exponentially while maintaining premium quality.

Not only does Clearleap provide a flexible and scalable solution, it also provides expertise and knowledge to help transform traditional manual workflows into automated processes. This concept allows multiple teams to collaborate into the production and delivery process. Plus, being able to deliver multiple formats of content to a variety of platforms without manual interaction allows MultiChoice to scale up its services.

Clearleap has equipped MultiChoice with the tools to deliver content on the right platforms in the right formats quickly and cost-effectively, while preserving the quality of high-value content. MultiChoice is using Clearleap’s multiscreen video and digital asset management systems to prepare, process and manage its television content distribution over satellite to the STB, as well as over IP for OTT and VoD services for multiscreen and VoD distribution.

The platform is a future-proof investment that supports legacy STBs as well as new devices, enabling MultiChoice to easily scale its operations, create new business models and increase its subscriber base.

This story also appears on IBC’s Content Everywhere.