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Aframe launches collaborative production tech

UK video production start-up Aframe has opened its collaborative, cloud-based technology to the UK creative industry in a large scale Beta.

UK video production start-up Aframe has opened its collaborative, cloud-based technology to the UK creative industry in a large scale Beta.

Aframe works by creating an online environment where video production staff can collaborate and communicate on projects, globally and in realtime. Users can store and tag video and share with colleagues and future customers to allow them to create video productions more efficiently and open up future revenue streams.

Even before launch, Aframe has managed to attract some of the TV, film and advertising industry’s biggest names. The company can boast the ex-COO of Endemol, Tom Barnicoat and also the founder of advertising firm Abbott Mead Vickers, David Abbott, amongst its industry financial backers. Meeting two years ago at a Courvoisier Future 500 networking event, David Peto, CEO and Stefan Lewandowski, CIO, have already raised £2 million in funding making it one of the largest recent start-ups in the industry.

Clients already on the system include, Ten Alps, Press Association, Red Earth Studios, Zig Zig Productions and Carbon Media, with further companies in trial.

Stephen Wilkinson, Head of Education at Brook Lapping (part of the Ten Alps Group) said: “When we were trying to find a way to power the Newton Channel, which is all about finding scientific content we turned to Aframe – its unique meta tagging system helped us deliver this.”

The secret in the Aframe structure is an innovative new way to meta tag and search content. In the past tagging video for search has been a long and arduous process (generally it takes four hours to tag one hour of content, according to the company). With the new Aframe system this work can be done more than eight times faster allowing Aframe to tag and store content in realtime. This is opening up infinite possibilities for companies in genres like sport and reality TV to make their content searchable and secure, almost instantly.

“Aframe is a headache pill for people dealing with the moving image,” said Aframe CEO, David Peto. “We have built a system that addresses the issues around collaboration and content sharing that all productions run into and will change how the video production industry operates. Imagine being able to execute productions across borders almost simultaneously while instantly having the content ready to review. You can organise a production from London to be shot the next day in Tokyo and have the content ready to review by someone in Las Vegas the instant it is on the system. Aframe replaces the current cycle of disks, bikes and FTP and replaces it with instant, agile film-making.”

Aframe is such a shift for the industry it has attracted some big names to its staff including ex Director of Production at Sky and Channel 5 executive Paul Goodliffe.

To be considered for an invitation to the Aframe Beta please get in touch with an Aframe consultant on [email protected] or +44 (0) 20 3301 7400.