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Shure’s Wireless Systems catch the sound of Super Bowl LVII

FOX Sports' on-air talent wore Shure ADX1 bodypacks for backup and all stand-up segments

Shure’s Axient Digital Wireless Systems and PSM 1000 Advanced In-Ear Personal Monitoring Systems helped deliver the sound of last week’s Super Bowl to 113 million viewers worldwide.

ATK Audiotek and Professional Wireless Systems (PWS) handled all wireless microphones and IEM systems for the pre-game entertainment, halftime entertainment and referees, as well as the NFL Honors broadcast.

Shure’s Wireless Workbench was used to monitor levels, with all three of the pre-game performers wearing in-ear pieces.

The RF team depended on eight AD4Q four-channel wireless receivers and the recently introduced AD600 Axient Digital Spectrum Manager. ATK used Axient Digital with Quadversity, leveraging four simultaneous RF inputs to feed a single RF channel.

“It’s hard to picture doing the Super Bowl without using Axient Digital,” said PWS’ Cameron Stuckey, RF engineer. “The ability to operate in Part 74 exclusive spectrum with the range of capsules, WWB monitoring, and familiarity of Axient Digital is unequaled. We are using every feature that sets it apart to the fullest extent possible. Each year we continue to push our wireless systems and have come to rely on Axient Digital’s ability to deliver.”

Portions of the audio for the FOX broadcast, including sideline reporters Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson’s use of ADX2 mics with talk switches and Shure PSM 1000 as IFBs, as well as parabolic microphone AD1 transmitters, were executed by CP Communications, with pre, half, and postgame show support from Digital Black.

Mike Stock, freelance A1, mixed the audio for the pre, half, and postgame broadcast. When the Kansas Chiefs claimed victory, FOX Sports reporters captured the sound on the pitch with Shure ADX2FD transmitters across the field, with RF managed by CP Communications. 

Marc Martignetti, RF lead and owner of Digital Black, and Ryan Stotts, freelance RF A2, trusted Shure Wireless Workbench to monitor RF inside and outside State Farm Stadium throughout the pre, half, and postgame. Stotts and Martignetti managed the RF for all desk mics throughout the FOX broadcast, with all of the show’s hosts using Shure ADX2 transmitters. Talent also wore Shure ADX1 bodypacks for backup and all stand-up segments.

“For the Super Bowl, a huge challenge is the available spectrum versus the tremendous wireless counts needed for onsite users,” said Martignetti. “Shure has wireless microphone and in-ear products that cover all our legal spectrum options. That helps meet our client’s ever-expanding needs for more wireless to support their on-air talent.”