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Cleanfeed introduces Aux Outputs for TV and film industry

Feature can be used for sound design, Foley and ADR

Cleanfeed, a collaboration tool for high definition live audio and recording in a web browser has launched a new product feature for use in the TV and film industries.

Aux Outputs enables users to develop non-linear workflows for recording and live performances. Users can assign a unique audio output device for each remote guest connected to their studio.

According to Cleanfeed, the feature can be used for sound design, Foley and ADR.

Marc Bakos, founding partner at Cleanfeed, said: “We’re excited about the new possibilities Aux Outputs opens up to creatives working with remote audio, especially broadcast producers. We have already seen production houses taking advantage of this new tooling, and the results have completely blown us away!”

Cécile Janet, sound editor at Fitzrovia Post, is already using the feature. She said: “Cleanfeed has become our favourite browser-based audio streaming platform at Fitzrovia Post. Their new Aux Outputs feature has been a game changer for remote crowd ADR. The ability to route multiple actor feeds into individual record tracks in ProTools has removed the need for unpacking and editing takes at the end of the session, streamlining the whole process.”