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Zoo Digital to launch cloud-based dubbing platform

10 April 2017
Zoo Digital to launch cloud-based dubbing platform

Software service provider, Zoo Digital is launching the ‘entertainment industry’s first’ cloud-based dubbing platform at this year’s NAB Show.

ZOOdubs allows users to work through the entire dubbing process from casting to recording, localisation, recording, editing and mixing to all take place in the cloud.

The platform also allows voice artists to record auditions live in the cloud, with casting directors able to search, review and cast on the move using an iPad. Live video direction of dubbing sessions and real-time collaborative script review can be carried out within ZOOdubs.

Zoo Digital say stringent cloud-based security protocols have been put in place to ensure all materials stored in the cloud are only available to authorised users.

Gordon Doran, president of ZOO Digital, said: “ZOOdubs delivers a huge step forward for dubbing services. It addresses head on the key challenges faced by content owners, and aims to shake up an industry which has been crying out for a service provider to do dubbing differently.”

“With ZOOdubs, the process is no longer a black hole but now an end-to-end workflow with complete visibility every step of the way.”

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