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ZON lowers TCO, increases flexibility

14 September 2013
ZON lowers TCO, increases flexibility

Portuguese pay-TV operator and content provider ZON has selected Envivio software-based headend solutions to power a set of DVB-S and DVB-C transport streams to provide pay-TV services, as well as mobile TV services delivered to any screen. ZON serves more than 1.5 million subscribers in Portugal.

“We’re seeing two important trends in the industry,” said Boris Felts, vice president, product marketing at Envivio. “One is the increasing focus on minimising cost of ownership – and by consolidating multiple headends into one, ZON will achieve a substantial reduction.”

“The other,” he continued, “is the accelerating move towards software-based solutions. In an industry that has historically thought primarily in hardware terms, that represents something of a culture change. But in performance terms, the gap between purpose-built hardware on the one hand, and software running on a data centre-class server on the other, is narrowing all the time – and the beauty of a software-based solution is its ability to evolve, grow and add new functionality incrementally and cost-effectively.”

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