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Zeonbud rolls out DVB-T2 with Harris

29 March 2012
Zeonbud rolls out DVB-T2 with Harris

Ukrainian broadcaster Zeonbud is launching its national DVB-T2 broadcast network using Harris Corporation’s media convergence platform. Selenio is a turnkey DVB-T2 video headend solution for Zeonbud, which was awarded four DVB-T2 multiplex licenses to deliver 32 channels on a national or local basis. The licenses will allow Zeonbud to operate digital terrestrial television (DTT) services to 95% of the country. Featuring the Harris Selenio media convergence platform at its core, the national video headend system will facilitate broadcast content distribution via satellite from the city of Kiev to 167 transmitters across the country. Selenio provides Zeonbud with a complete, compact and centralised video headend solution for DVB-T2 video processing and networking, as opposed to a traditional headend solution that uses multiple boxes for different functions. Launched in 2011, Selenio uses an ultra-compact, energy-efficient 3RU modular chassis with 14 hot-swappable slots that is useful for combining multiple workflow functions in a broadcast or new media environment. In a mission-critical national video headend environment, Selenio is suitable for combining specialised cards for encoders, multiplexers, DVB-T2 over-the-air broadcast adaptation, and embedded control and supervision — making DVB-T2 rollouts significantly easier to implement. “Harris has succeeded in distilling an enormous amount of technical expertise into a single compact platform,” said Vladimir Prokopenko, head of network operations center, Zeonbud. “This is a complete solution for our VHE requirements, allowing Zeonbud to construct a highly efficient, effective and resilient distribution infrastructure within a very short timescale.” Harris is also supplying its Videotek MSA multi-stream analyser to provide confidence monitoring with full testing of compressed video conformance, audio levels and data services. Zeonbud engineers can monitor any incoming or outgoing streams from the video headend in realtime.

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