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Zandar’s multiple views

7 September 2006

Zandar Technologies’ DX MultiViewers have been installed in the television news control rooms of Media General-owned WNCT-CBS, Greenville, North Carolina and News Channel 12 WJTV-TV12, Jackson, Mississippi. Both control rooms are designed to accommodate future expansion.

The MultiViewers are billed as versatile, cost-effective systems for the display, management and configuration of video and audio data. The MultiViewers’ 1RU compact design delivers modular configurations for either 4, 8, 12 or 16 SDI or composite inputs, with auto detect of NTSC, PAL or SDI formats.

All of the installed DX MultiViewers are used for the processing and monitoring of images in a live environment. WNCT-CBS has employed DX MultiViewer systems to process 12 inputs for display onto 42-inch plasmas, while News Channel 12 WJTV-TV12 is using a selection of DX MultiViewers to process 16 inputs for display onto 50-inch plasmas. In all locations the Z-Editor layout software is used to allow user configuration of display layouts with each input being sized and positioned as needed. Standard alarm features include loss of video sync, black picture & frozen picture detection.

The investment forms part of a Grass Valley Ignite Integrated Production System installation and replaces previous older equipment. Professional Communication Systems, based in Tampa, Florida, provided the equipment and technical services.

Deirdre Smith, CEO at Zandar Technologies commented: “The DX MultiViewers are designed to be installed in space limited applications where future expandability is required. Ideal for all broadcast and studio applications, Zandar MultiViewers provide the means to manipulate, configure, and display television video and audio sources.”

W. Ardell Hill, senior VP, broadcast operations at Media General, added: “Our television stations keep coming up with new projects and are continually looking for ways to get that accomplished using the existing space. We are pressed for space and Zandar was the perfect solution. The operators find them very easy to use, and we are delighted with the improvements in monitoring.”

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