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Zacuto’s Z-Finder is a keeper for rig specialists

5 September 2011
Zacuto’s Z-Finder is a keeper for rig specialists

Zacuto will show its new Z-Finder EVF, plus a range of rigs that go with it, at IBC, including its new Stinger DSLR camera stabilisation rig, writes David Fox.

The Stinger was developed to support DSLR shooters using an electronic viewfinder or small on-board monitor. It includes Zacuto’s height-adjustable DSLR Baseplate, follow focus, dual handgrips, shoulder pad and 3kg Z-Lite counterbalance weight for a fully balanced in-line rig. It also comes with Zacuto’s DSLR Handle, for low mode shooting and easy carrying.

Also for the EVF, Zacuto has developed three mounts: the EVF Standard Mount (designed to work with the DSLR Baseplate), the EVF Rod Mount (for any standard 15mm rod-based camera stabilization rig) and the EVF Tri-mount Kit (which allows users to mount the EVF in three different ways, including an extended viewfinder position on a tripod or dolly).

The EVF Filmmaker Kit combines new parts like the Zacuto Zwiss Plate with old parts like its Universal Baseplate to form a camera rig with all the features a shooter might need while shooting with cameras like the AG-AF101, Sony F3 or FS100. While the Kit is designed to work with the Zacuto EVF, it will also work with rival EVFs. This rig includes its Z-Focus, lens gears and Zgrips Beefy for infinite handgrip configurations. The shoulder pad mounts directly underneath the camera, which shortens the length of the rig and adds to its stability.


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