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Yospace tailors content at IBC

11 August 2012
Yospace tailors content at IBC

Yospace technology replaces content and advertising in realtime at the headend, meaning that it is delivered as a single stream without buffering or freezing. The objective is that every single stream can be personalised for a specific viewer.

According to the company, the Yospace approach on show at IBC is based on two key technologies. First, it interfaces closely with broadcasters’ own playout automation systems so they can switch to alternate content with frame accuracy. That means the viewer is never aware that there has even been a substitution.

Second, because the content replacement and streaming distribution are offered as a cloud service, the system can scale to any number of simultaneous viewers and complexity of content replacement. Given sufficient granularity in the subscriber management system, a tailored commercial break can be tailored for each individual viewer.

Taken together, Yospace said its technology will allow broadcasters to support the delivery of linear programming to alternative platforms with a powerful commercial proposition. – Anne Morris

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