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YLE converts to HD programming with Teranex

28 February 2013
YLE converts to HD programming with Teranex

The Finnish Broadcasting Company [YLE] is using Blackmagic Design’s Teranex 2D Processor for up conversion of its CG playout on TV2’s hit game show, Tartu Mikkiin, which is recorded in front of a live studio audience. The primetime show is one of the first in YLE’s portfolio to be broadcast in full HD following a two-year upgrade program to YLE’s Tampere branch. Tartu Mikkiin is a production that is rich in motion graphics complete with score boards, lyrics and title sequences. At YLE, the Teranex 2D Processor sits between a CG playout server and production switcher up converting the HDMI graphics to HD-SDI for the switcher’s inputs. In addition, YLE is also using the Teranex 2D Processor to handle up and down conversion of SD signals from remote live video feeds that have not yet been upgraded to HD SDI. YLE has also installed a Blackmagic Design Universal Videohub router and several Blackmagic Design Studio Videohub routers. These are responsible for routing HD SDI signals from two cameras in the station’s drama studio to video servers used for capturing and distributing playback video to the audience monitors. Another Blackmagic Design router is used to route signals from a series of VTRs found in the broadcaster’s machine room to Avid Media Composer, as well as being used to distribute signals to wall monitors in their archiving ingest suites. Furthermore, a Blackmagic Design Micro Videohub is used for connecting Avid editing suites into voiceover booths. Leading the transition into HD programming at YLE is a team of engineers led by technical producer and architect, Antti Immonen. “Our studio upgrade program has been a very long and exhausting process, but we are delighted to finally begin broadcasting some of our first shows in full HD,” said Immonen. “Unfortunately not all of our remote live video feeds are HD just yet, so the Teranex processor has been instrumental in helping us to down convert or up convert material. That way we can move forward with our HD plans while not leaving the rest of our regional stations behind.” “The Teranex processor is pretty straightforward, you plug it in, tell it what to do and it does it. I like to call it my ‘little Swiss Army Knife’ because it’s small, portable and can convert any signal that comes my way. Going forward, features such as interlacing, de-interlacing and aspect ratio conversions will all come in very handy,” said Immonen.

Image credit: Freemantle Productions

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