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Xytech and Phoenix7 announce joint venture

22 February 2017
Xytech and Phoenix7 announce joint venture

Xytech, creator of facility management platform MediaPulse, and channel management solution provider Phoenix7 have announced a technology collaboration.

The two companies are joining forces to integrate their two platforms, MediaPulse and Zeus, allowing users to integrate channel management and facility scheduling for the first time.

The integration allows a channel schedule to automatically create jobs, schedules and transactions in MediaPulse – saving broadcasters the time of creating dual entries in each system.
It will also allow real-time channel scheduling and title information from Zeus to display in MediaPulse’s Schedule Book.

Daniel Lynch, vice president of broadcast services for Xytech, said, “Broadcasters must organise their people and resources around their live, on-air output.

“This is especially challenging for sports and news broadcasters. The events driving their schedules are by nature highly volatile. In the fast-paced world of broadcasting, staff, studios and equipment need to be repurposed quickly and accurately.”

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