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XOR Universal MediaLibrary storage replaces MTV Oy legacy servers

26 September 2012
XOR Universal MediaLibrary storage replaces MTV Oy legacy servers

Finnish commercial television station MTV Oy (MTV3) chose XOR for its mixed play-to-air and production storage infrastructure. The new MTV Oy play-to-air and production setup utilises the XOR Universal MediaLibrary storage and XOR MediaClient software codecs servers. XOR technologies replaced MTV Oy’s 10-year-old multi-vendor server system, which had reached its storage operational limit. The broadcaster also experienced challenges in the complexity of having separate SD/HD servers and in repurposing content for new viewing platforms. To delimit MTV Oy’s storage infrastructure, XOR Media deployed the Universal MediaLibrary storage system, each of the two nodes with a massive capacity of 144TB, located separately with a distance of 7km between them. In MTV Oy, one UML node serves as ingest/playout while the other as production storage. The UMLs are mirrored to act as each other’s backup systems, resulting in a simplified and fully redundant architecture. Eight XOR MediaClient 8200 (MCL 8200) software codec servers are connected to both UMLs to support the 30-input and 42-output channel requirement, with HD playout and SD up conversion. In the present configuration, the MCL 8200 features a new functionality called multipath, which allows the playback decoder to stream clips from either the primary or the secondary UML in a fully automated manner. The multipath feature adds redundancy and flexibility to the playout

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