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XOR storage delivers 8Gbps throughput

5 December 2012
XOR storage delivers 8Gbps throughput

XOR Media’s XOR Universal MediaLibrary E-series (UML-E) storage has achieved a performance of 8Gbps (1,000MBps) throughput in a single node, allowing more channels to play out and more streams for post production to be edited simultaneously. The Universal MediaLibrary E-series is an entry-level storage infrastructure that aims to achieve the performance and reliability of large enterprise storage and the flexibility and scalability of small to medium-sized systems. It is a compact system that holds a storage capacity of 1TB, 2TB, or 3TB x 16 in a 3RU chassis. It is scalable in a single global namespace up to 64ZB, with the ability to scale out its performance as more nodes are added to the UML cluster. A single UML-E with 16 SAS drives delivers the equivalent of 35 layers of Apple Pro Res HQ streams in simultaneous playout. It supports 16 ingest and 32 playout HD channels simultaneously over two active/active 10G IP network links. The Universal MediaLibrary storage line features adaptive accessibility via simultaneous NAS and SAN access; media-centric file layout with space efficiency for small files and high streaming for large files; operational flexibility for various workflows including play-to-air, production, and archive; and high availability with RAID 6 protection and redundant PSUs, fans, and drives. XOR Media also offers the large enterprise storage Universal MediaLibrary T-series, with up to 216TB storage and 17Gbps throughput per node, linearly scalable in a

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