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wTVision gets elected

2 February 2011
wTVision gets elected

wTVision provided on-air graphics solutions for three different TV channels during the recent Portuguese Presidential elections, with a focus on interactivity.

Both RTP and TVI were looking for a powerful way to deliver their content where the anchor person had full control over what and when was shown to the public. Several functionalities and technologies were used in order to make the elections coverage run smoothly and dynamically. Click here to watch the video.

On RTP, the presenter used an iPad, which served as a remote control to launch virtual graphics as well as have full access to the data being shown before it went on air. This technology allowed the presenter to control graphics directly from his hand and start and stop graphics without interrupting the flow of the presentation.

On TVI, wTVision implemented a touchscreen, giving the presenter a way to control the graphics that were shown in full screen, on the LED wall and, in some cases, in virtual format with a simple touch.

The interactive approach adopted on RTP and TVI had the big advantage of providing graphical previews and data on their interactive devices, which gave presenters an advance knowledge of the information on the following displayed graphics. This allowed for a much richer commentary from the newscaster that could make more informed remarks on what the data meant.

The electoral data was fed into the systems and displayed in real-time through on-air graphics. Several information was offered such as, projections, results by districts, comparisons with previous elections, etc.

For all these three TV Channels, wTVision provided a full solution including the technology implementation and operation. The designers also had the chance to show their creativity designing all graphics for Porto canal, the ticker with results update in TVI and the virtual graphics in RTP.

During the debates that ocurred during the electoral campaign, wTVision provided TVI and RTP with its product Debates-Timer that kept the track of the speaking time the candidates had left.

Maria José Nunes, RTP’s information production sub-Director, was pleased with the results: “Without wTVision’s team’s help, it wouldn’t be possible for us to cover these elections. They are a fantastic team, always available and always willing to help us to do the best job possible”.

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