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WRN Broadcast invests in Pharos Mediator

21 September 2011
WRN Broadcast invests in Pharos Mediator

One of Europe’s fastest-growing international broadcast services providers has chosen a Mediator workflow management platform from Evertz division Pharos.

WRN Broadcast is currently undertaking a major expansion of its technical infrastructure, and is putting Mediator at the core of its set-up.

“We wanted the best of the best,” commented Dave Travis, head of engineering technology & solutions at WRN Broadcast. “Mediator has a pedigree that makes a statement to the marketplace. Some of the major contracts we were trying to obtain have extremely segmented workflows, scheduling being done by one department, content management by another company, and playout by a third company. Mediator gives us flexibility in our choice of hardware, including Publitronic servers which were a straightforward integration. We experienced no roadblocks at any time during the installation, configuration and introduction of Mediator.”

Another key reason for choosing Mediator was to consolidate WRN Broadcast’s entire operation into a unified system that would maximise operational efficiency and, at the same time, simplify the process of staff-training.

“We did not want to face the same investment process again three years into the future,” remarked WRN Broadcast’s Jonathan Low, head of business & sales development. “We considered many vendors. Mediator was the only system which met all our demands. It is an operator-friendly system and provides the muscle as well as the scalability we need to consolidate our services under one roof.”

The required workflow and one-plus-one system architecture were planned in close co-operation between Pharos and WRN Broadcast’s engineering team. Mediator 4’s task-specific menu structure guides WRN Broadcast staff through the duties required at each stage of the workflow, from content ingest, through spot check, archiving, scheduling and playlist review to actual transmission.

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