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World Poker Tour ups ante

4 January 2017
World Poker Tour ups ante

The World Poker Tour (WPT) has renewed its partnership with Wazee Digital.

The WPT uses Wazee Digital’s asset management and distribution service to deliver WPT TV shows to both domestic and international broadcasters.

“We felt Wazee Digital was the right choice for the World Poker Tour thanks to the company’s ability to successfully deliver WPT’s assets across the globe,” said Adam Pliska, CEO, World Poker Tour. “Now more than ever, WPT is in a position to increase distribution of its assets, and Wazee Digital helps us to do so efficiently and effectively.”

The WPT uses Wazee Digital Core – Wazee Digital’s enterprise SaaS media asset management platform built specifically for the cloud – to store, view and manage assets from current and past seasons of both the WPT Main Tour and WPT Alpha8.

Core also handles digital ingest and metadata workflows, as well as third-party transcoding and closed-captioning services from Wazee Digital’s strategic partner, Visual Data Media Services.

“The World Poker Tour has to distribute content domestically and internationally in a timely manner to satisfy its large global following,” said Harris Morris, CEO, Wazee Digital. “Wazee Digital is proud to be a partner in that effort, giving the World Poker Tour complete control over its content so the right assets reach the right audiences at the right time, anywhere in the world.”

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