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Workflow for AV archive

6 December 2012
Workflow for AV archive

The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (NIBG), one of the largest audiovisual archives in Europe, has installed Front Porch Digital technology to manage its broadcast and film files. The DIVArchive implementation gives NIBG a complete workflow as well as archive system, for better control and faster response. NIBG has a programme of ingesting all its broadcast and scanned film content, together with all the assets stored at the Hilversum playout centre now operated by Ericsson (formerly Technicolor). Once complete, the Front Porch system will manage 10 petabytes of DPX files and a further 6PB of broadcast files. The system includes an unlimited-capacity license for workstations, with 11 DIVArchive Actors that move content through the various workflows. Options implemented include the ability to partially restore files based on timecode, storage planning and disaster recovery via a second robot. The plan is to migrate the DPX archive to version 7 of DIVArchive, in order to take advantage of its AXF support. “We preserve a major part of the Dutch audiovisual heritage, and make it accessible to broadcasters, journalists, educators and others via the web, so the partial restore capability is especially important,” said Philip Maher, NIBG manager for preservation and digitisation. “You can extract from the archive only the portion of video you need, which will help our users retrieve their content and complete their projects much more quickly and efficiently.”

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