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WohlerDPP launched for file-based media repackaging

14 January 2014
WohlerDPP launched for file-based media repackaging

Wohler Technologies has announced the release of WohlerDPP, powered by RadiantGrid, to help ensure file-based deliverables are compliant with the new Digital Production Partnership (DPP) standard. Marking the first in a series of new products, this solution uses Wohler’s RadiantGrid Intelligent Media Transformation Platform to accelerate repackaging and delivery of file-based content in the AS-11 UKDPP file format specified by the DPP standard.

By October 2014, broadcasters will require use of the DPP’s standard for file-based deliverables, and WohlerDPP aims to make it easy for content creators to get on board. The solution offers an interface for submitting details of the DPP deliverable including source assets, segment timecodes, gamut legalisation, loudness processing, and descriptive metadata. It performs all asset preparation, ident rendering, assembly, transcoding, and metadata insertion required to produce a fully prepared AS-11 UKDPP MXF file. WohlerDPP can also create broadcaster-specific "sidecar" metadata files as required.

"Within less than a year, post production houses and other media facilities across the world who deliver programming to leading UK broadcasters will be required to package file-based content in accordance with DPP specifications," said Craig Newbury, vice president of sales for the Wohler RadiantGrid business line. "As this requirement becomes a reality, WohlerDPP is the first product to streamline the entire DPP delivery workflow. By enabling and automating DPP packaging and compliance assurance, this powerful solution dramatically increases efficiency, saves our customers money, and reduces errors in the provision of DPP deliverables."

WohlerDPP includes the new RadiantGrid hardware platform, as well as the DPP Expert System interface, preconfigured DPP compliance and transcoding profiles, and preconfigured DPP-compliant lineup and slate assets.

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