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Wohler unveils new RadiantGrid with RightHue

16 October 2013
Wohler unveils new RadiantGrid with RightHue

Wohler Technologies has released the new RadiantGrid Detect and Correct legalisation option, now featuring the RightHue algorithm. The new option for broadcast gamut processing on the RadiantGrid Intelligent Media Transformation Platform assures that all video output by the RadiantGrid platform meets strict gamut specifications. It also complies with the restrictions on luminance and RGB levels defined by the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) and European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

"As the first deliverable developed for our new Detect and Correct architecture, this new broadcast gamut legalisation option further extends the RadiantGrid platform’s media transformation capabilities," said Craig Newbury, vice president sales, RadiantGrid. "In fact, this option represents the first, technically superior, file-based legalisation solution integrated at the point of transcode reducing the cost and complexity of processing while simplifying and retaining an end-to-end file-based workflow."

The RadiantGrid Detect and Correct legalisation option with RightHue automates processes within the file domain, eliminating baseband processing and the generational degradation of additional decode-encode cycles required by baseband or outboard file-based solutions.

The new Wohler RightHue legalisation algorithm powering the RadiantGrid option is optimised for constant hue legalisation to EBU-R103/DPP gamut specification, the dominant gamut requirement in Europe. Wohler claims it delivers precise gamut control without the hue distortion and/or overclipping typical of traditional legalisation solutions.

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