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Wireless HD system launch

8 September 2012
Wireless HD system launch

ABonAir has launched a new wireless HD system with ‘the full feature set of a professional broadcasting system’ here at IBC2012. The AB305 wireless video system is small and weighs around 300 grams. It was specifically designed to meet the new broadcast standards for portable wireless transmissions in the field. The system is based on OFDM radio that ensures reliable transmission at long distances, at unlicensed frequencies (4.9GHz to 5.875Ghz). An H.264 codec is used to provide high quality video compression (±42 PSNR). With a simple to use plug and play setup, an HD-SDI interface, and low delay mode, it enables wireless transmission of up to 250 metres with standard Omni-directional antennas – included in the kit – and up to 500 metres with directional antennas on the receiver side, says the developer. “The AB305 system is the result of a long R&D cost reduction project in which all the features offered in our high-end products have been maintained at a low price,” said Eran Igler, CEO at ABonAir. “The new AB305 supports HD and SD at all resolutions and frame rates, and enables any team to carry out field production tasks without the complexity of cable setting.” – Heather McLean3.A19e

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