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Wild fling won’t disturb stable relationship

17 September 2017
Wild fling won’t disturb stable relationship

The new SRH-3 three-axis fully stabilised remote head from Arri, is impressively manoeuvrable, capable of being flung around on the end of a crane while keeping even a heavy camera stable.

At 9kg it is much lighter than most heads, and can take a heavier load (up to 30kg), including Arri’s Alexa 65. “We wanted a very compact, lightweight head that can take high payloads,” said Arri product manager, Curt Schaller.

“Such systems are normally very heavy, but can’t carry a big load,” added Milan Krsljanin, Arri’s director of group business development.

“If you have a lighter head, everything behind it can be lighter,” such as the crane, said Schaller.

All of Arri’s stabilisers are mechanically balanced, “which means its [direct drive] motor can devote 100 per cent of its power to the only job: stabilisation,” he added.

Users can control everything on the device (camera, gimbal and lens) from one controller, via a single wireless (or Ethernet) connection, using the Master Grip-equipped remote control. The SRH-3 will be available in November.

Arri has also added a new mechanical Standard Grip to its electronic Master Grip range so that users can benefit from the ergonomic design for both hands without having to purchase two electronic grips.


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