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Wide area storage from Quantum

28 March 2013
Wide area storage from Quantum

With broadcasters and content producers faced with the requirement to store ever more material, they are increasingly turning to IT industry “big data” solutions. Storage specialist Quantum is developing systems that store petabyte quantities of data across a wide area to provide the capacity and security that the broadcast industry needs. The new Lattus-M system is aimed at multi-petabyte asset preservation requirements. It uses the latest object storage technology with automatic tiering, already present in the Quantum StorNext platform. As part of a StorNext content archive, Lattus-M offers nearline storage that is more durable than Raid, with self-healing and protection capabilities. It also promises lower latency for predictable retrieval times. The company claims the scalability of the solution is “unparalleled” to support future growth. It includes automatic multi-site protection without the need for replication, again boosting speed and minimising connectivity overheads. Independent analyst Tom Coughlin said of the system “The media and entertainment industry has a great and immediate need for long-term and available storage of ever-larger video projects. Quantum brings a new level of scalability and protection for archived digital assets with its object-based Lattus-M disk archive. Products such as this will be an important element in providing long-term preservation of digital assets, while making them readily available for future use.”

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