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Web-based signage distribution

11 June 2007

Chyron has released web-based content distribution services for dynamic digital signage networks. The new service works exclusively with Chyron’s ChyTV Dynamic Digital Signage Player product line.

According to John Remmler, Chyron’s VP for ChyTV, this technology represents “A major shift in paradigm for Digital Signage Networks. For the first time an enterprise deployment of digital signage can be achieved with a minimum of technical hurdles.”

Minuk Choi, principal developer of the service, added: “Setup of a player unit on the web-based service is automatic and takes less than 2 minutes. ChyTV Player Devices ‘pull’ content from the web-based server, thus eliminating firewall issues and maximizing security. Content is sent to the web-based server from any computer on the internet and ChyTV players poll the server for changes to the content and remain synchronised. The service can even back-haul as-played log data for verification purposes.”

This simplified architecture requires no dedicated Network Operations Center to create a large enterprise signage deployment. In addition, integrates third-party data services offering access to news, sports, weather and other on-line feeds.

“Digital Signage Network Operators have been awaiting a simple-to-use solution and this technology should have a major impact on the number and quality of networks deployed,” explained Michael Wellesley-Wesley, Chyron president and CEO.

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