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Warner Bros. taps Elemental for video processing engine

26 April 2013
Warner Bros. taps Elemental for video processing engine

Warner Bros. has deployed Elemental Server video processing systems to enhance its Digital End-to-End (DETE) content workflow and distribution system. Elemental Server drives large-scale content conversion while significantly reducing the physical, power and heating footprint required to output studio-grade video assets for distribution. Warner Bros. Technical Operations developed the DETE system to enable automated and faster content delivery, more consistent video quality and greater efficiency for its customers. The system manages Warner Bros.’ high definition and standard definition master files in the DETE digital vault. Elemental Server video processing is used to transcode and transform material to digital video formats ranging from mezzanine-quality files to web proxy files for remote viewing and editing. Elemental Server is fully integrated into the DETE automated workflow through flexible REST APIs. Support for the creation of ProRes mezzanine files enables a number of critical workflows for Warner Bros. The company also uses Elemental Server to support efficient MPEG-2 and H.264-based digital media workflows. Elemental Server further serves to future proof Warner Bros. video infrastructure with support for advanced standards and technologies such as HEVC/H.265, MPEG-DASH, UltraViolet and multiple streaming technologies including Apple HLS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming and Adobe Flash HDS. “The addition of Elemental solutions to the DETE platform has enabled us to expand our support of critical deliverables while providing us with significant performance improvements,” said Vicky Colf, senior vice president, Digital Solutions and Services, Warner Bros. Technical Operations. “The ability to increase the velocity of content distribution across multiple platforms is vital to our business and technology from Elemental is a key enabler.” “We are pleased to support Warner Bros. Technical Operations in accelerating content distribution,” said Sam Blackman, Elemental CEO and co-founder. “Our patented video processing solutions are ideal for delivering high volume, high-quality video processing while our flexible software architecture allows for rapid optimization of features critical to the DETE system.”

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