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Vualto delivers on demand for Video Arts

11 November 2013
Vualto delivers on demand for Video Arts

Video Arts has been providing creative, funny and successful business training videos for more than 40 years. Users can now access the catalogue on demand and on a variety of devices, thanks to a new platform provided by Vualto.

To maintain the quality and effectiveness of its material, the content needed to be tailored not just for different screen sizes but the different styles of learning on each device. The video on demand platform also needed to track each individual’s learning progress, and provide management analytics.

Video Arts turned to Vualto to design the complete system, including content management, repurposing and user interfaces. Working with the Brightcove Video Cloud platform, Vualto developed a system which incorporates encrypted streaming for online delivery and secure DRM downloads for offline viewing.

“We have the best video training content in the industry, featuring stars from John Cleese to Sheridan Smith,” said Sally Winter, head of marketing at Video Arts. “What we needed was a more flexible way of delivering our content, matching the new ways that our customers wanted to use it.

“Our video resources are all about making business interactions more effective, so we could not let technology get in the way of delivering them,” she added. “Vualto built exactly the platform we needed, taking us from a system that was restricted by viewing platform to one which responds to our customers, in the way they intuitively expect, across the widest possible range of platforms and devices.”

The new Video Arts On>Demand service went live on 5 October this year, and provides seamless, high quality presentations in group learning sessions and individual interaction using familiar iPlayer-like operations.

By Dick Hobbs

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