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VTM selects Barco video wall

7 March 2008

Barco has successfully implemented a brand new video wall system in the restyled news studio of Belgian broadcaster VTM, the biggest commercial television station in Flanders.

With the new studio, which was presented to the public this weekend, VTM wants to further improve the quality of its news. Barco’s video wall offers the most reliable display technology, with outstanding picture quality and vibrant colours for statistics, background information and live interferences during news broadcasts.

Chief Editor and News anchor, Stef Wauters, explained: “With the founding of VTM in 1989 we wanted to bring the Flemish television viewers a completely different news approach. From the beginning we aimed to be the fastest, most accessible news source in Flanders. Not only with our news bulletins and general interest programmes, but also with online news and text messages. With our totally restyled newsroom and studio, we continue this tradition by implementing the latest technologies as a guarantee for reliable news and stable screen images.” VTM will use the large video wall for live reporting and to back up the news topics with graphics, statistics and background information.

It is the second time VTM has chosen Barco for its newsroom video wall system; the previous VTM news studio was also built around a Barco wall. The recent Barco 180W-lamp video wall installation is part of the OV-D2 series and features vibrant colours, high contrasts, and large viewing angles tailored to the human eye. Barco’s Sense6 technology offers continuous video wall uniformity over time and maximum readability.

VTM Project Manager News Rooms, Guy Hannaert, commented: “Screen stability in news broadcasts is very important, as the walls are watched by huge numbers of people. In the case of VTM at least 1,250,000 people in Flanders watch VTM-news every day. Besides this, the quality of colours mattered to us. The wall is made of 18 display cubes measuring 50″ that each must have the same colour definitions. Finally, the graphics and stats must be readable for both the anchors in the newsrooms and the people at home.”

“We are delighted that VTM chose Barco for its new studio once again”, Carl Peeters, president of Barco’s security and monitoring division stated. “This contract underlines the meaning VTM attaches to high quality information broadcasting. We are pleased Barco can assist in this mission by offering our latest technologies for real-time decision support.”

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