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VSN keeps traffic flowing

3 February 2011
VSN keeps traffic flowing

VSN’s traffic and planning solution for broadcast, VSNCREATV, has a new 3.0 version that features an enhanced interface and a new module for managing advertising contracts, as well as integration with the financial and commercial opt-outs management systems.

Planning (mono or multichannel), management of programming schedules and TV commercials and knowledge of broadcast profitability at different time slots are key aspects in broadcast environments today, reckons the company.

VSNCREATV 3.0 comes with a new and enhanced user interface with an optimised arrangement of menus that makes its use easier. The new sales management module allows the addition of advertising contracts and clients, and a reliability check. Also, a new module has been added that allows the registration of all aired commercials and generation of reports integrated with the accounting and financial system (SAP). The commercial opt-out system allows managing commercial airings and classifying them by channel or geographical area in order to meet different audience targets.

“Nowadays, broadcast environments are more competitive than ever and sales and planning departments are becoming more important to rapidly manage unexpected events, breaking news and new methods for sponsoring/advertising TV programming. VSN’s traffic solution allows for a tight integration with master control operation while facilitating those departments to efficiently manage resources,” said a statement.

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