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VRT performs first full IP remote broadcast

28 January 2016
Geir Bryn-Jensen

Belgian broadcaster VRT has completed the world’s first full IP remote broadcast production using open standards, assisted by Nevion.

The LiveIP project, which is overseen by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), is part of the VRT Sandbox technology accelerator programme.

Carried out at a live musical concert at the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels, it is the world’s first proof of concept of a complete multivendor live production chain that relies exclusively on IP.

VRT was supported by several broadcast technology partners, including Nevion.

“The data was transported with no delay in audio or video, demonstrating the seamless manner in which live production can be accomplished using IP,” said Geir Bryn-Jensen, CEO at Nevion (pictured).

“This successful project is just another step in the journey toward adopting IP and open standards across the entire broadcast workflow, and the team at Nevion is delighted to be a part of it.”

Nevion also supplied its Flashlink CWDM technology, allowing the optical bi-directional IP-streams to be modulated.

“The combination of CWDM technology and IP for broadcast allows us to transport approximatively 25Gbitps for all four IP cameras, ten microphones, intercom, telepresence and controls over one optical fibre cable, without any delay,” said Karel DeBondt, project manager at VRT.

“Most noticeable was the huge time-saving on the setup of the production. You basically connect your optical fibre and you’re good to go: video, audio, intercom, controls and internet are instantly available.”

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