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Vortex keeps Parliament on track

30 August 2012
Vortex keeps Parliament on track

Vortex will supply a Debate Timing System to the Houses of Parliament based on its new FLX TouchScreen Production Timer. The system will indicate when a speech nears its allotted time but can also add extra time for interruptions.

The Vortex FLX is “a cost-effective, flexible, networked timing system that handles almost any time-keeping requirement from a standalone stopwatch to a building-wide multi-display, multi-timezone solution,” said Vortex director, Ian Prowse.

Its standard configuration provides three separate timers configurable as count-up, count-down or count-through with pre-set countdown times and users can add or subtract blocks of time on-the-fly plus show an alarm to indicate, for example, 30 seconds to go. The timing elements – with or without time-of-day – can also be shown on remote displays that can also include elements such as On-Air lights and Telephone ring and Emergency indicators.

An FLX system comprises one or more touchscreen tablet computers used as control surfaces and a number of HDMI screens with small network interfaces, to display the timing. Smartphones and tablets can be used as timer displays and control surfaces. All elements of the system are synchronised with each other and to an external NTP server such as TimeLord Net for accuracy. Individual screens and controllers can be configured with a variety of display layouts, with combinations of customisable analogue and digital timers and clocks.

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