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The Voice of Ireland post benefits from Forscene

17 December 2014
The Voice of Ireland post benefits from Forscene

Irish production company Screentime ShinAwiL is using Forbidden Technologies’ Forscene during post production on the fourth series of the reality singing competition The Voice of Ireland.

“One of our challenges during post production is cutting eleven 90-minute pre-recorded episodes as well as insert content for six live shows within a five-week offline period. Other Voice territories would have a longer timeframe. So our aim is to ensure the most efficient and productive workflow during the post production process,” said Sheila Meaney, head of production for Screentime ShinAwiL. “Forscene will enable the post producer to access and view rushes remotely and work on picks and short assemblies, which will provide more help and support for the edit team. It helps to know that Forscene is used on The Voice UK, which proves that the technology has already been tested on a similar production and that systems are in place. The Screentime ShinAwiL team are very excited to be working with Forbidden to showcase Forscene for the Irish market.”

Irish post house Piranha Bar installed Forscene to serve production needs on The Voice of Ireland and envisions offering it as a service to all clients to allow them to take full advantage of secure access when they want to view their rushes.

“By running this test with The Voice of Ireland, we are examining how we can extend our service offering to clients to allow them to save time and money in the edit process,” said Stephen Murnane, head of digital at Piranha Bar. “We are delighted to be working with Screentime ShinAwiL and Forbidden on this series of The Voice of Ireland. We genuinely believe that this test will lead to time and cost savings for our clients and complement our well-established broadcast workflows and service offering.”

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