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Vodafone among first UHD customers for Broadcom

24 September 2014
Vodafone among first UHD customers for Broadcom

Eighteen months after launching the world’s first Ultra HD TV home gateway chip, and following the subsequent introduction of 14 further HEVC chips for a range of satellite, IP, cable and other requirements, Broadcom has announced a raft of 4k customer deployments. 

TiVo, Korea Telecom and BrightSign have all announced demos or products powered by Broadcom technology at IBC as has Vodafone Germany which is including an HEVC-enabled BCM7252 device in its 4k capable consumer set-top box, the first Ultra HD device of its kind in Germany.

Broadcom senior vice president of marketing, broadband and connectivity group Rich Nelson said: “As a leading provider of silicon for Ultra HD technology, Broadcom’s BCM7252 system on a chip allows Vodafone to bring crystal-clear Ultra HD definition content to consumer’s home TV sets for the first time in Germany.”

Vodafone Germany expects to offer its 4k IPTV set-top box to consumers in the first half of 2015.

Broadcom also announced the world’s first single-chip hybrid direct broadcast satellite terrestrial and IP devices for set-top boxes that have integrated HEVC and MoCA 2.0.

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