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VoD: high expectations and increasing impatience

17 September 2014
VoD: high expectations and increasing impatience

Brightcove revealed finding of its most recent research at IBC, which highlighted the high expectations, and impatience, of consumers when it comes to watching VoD content. Audiences are calling for a faster, more reliable on-demand experience from broadcasters.

According to the findings, a third (34 per cent) of consumers wait for online videos to load for less than 20 seconds before switching off. While the popularity of VoD content is on the rise (with 50 per cent of consumers watching on-demand services at least once a week), it’s clear that there are still some sticking points when it comes to what consumers expect from online video, and what they actually get, Brightcove found.

The convenience of VoD content means consumers are watching more frequently, on more devices and are beginning to consider on-demand above traditional TV, the company concluded. Half (50 per cent) of consumers watch VoD content ­ such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer ­ at least once a week; 41 per cent tune in to VoD at least twice a week. This type of content seems to be overtaking traditional TV consumption, as Brightcove found that almost three quarters of consumers would choose to watch VoD content instead of linear TV because they can watch it anytime.

Due to changing expectations over the past few years, consumers now want a quicker, higher quality video experience. Over half of consumers admit that, over the past two years, they have come to expect more from VoD content. Around a third say they expect it to be faster, and a fifth expect it to be available across all devices. Around two in 10 think all broadcast content should be available on-demand, and an optimistic 10 per cent expect content to be on-demand before it’s broadcast.

When viewers were asked what more they would like out of the video on demand experience they have today, just under half (46 per cent) want a faster video start, and 44 per cent want a higher quality experience.

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