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Vizrt takes Sky News 3D

6 November 2009

Vizrt has been awarded part of the contract to upgrade Sky News to a realtime HD 3D graphics system as part of the 24-hour news channel’s HD launch in spring 2010.

Sky News will take advantage of the changes during the introduction of HD capable technology to migrate to Vizrt’s newest version of its realtime graphics engine. Version 3 of Viz Engine will provide Sky News with a highly efficient workflow as well as delivering extra live graphics functionality, including multitouch screen interactivity and a centralised database with shared access for all Vizrt graphics users at the BSkyB site.

Sky News has used Vizrt graphics since 2003, when its realtime 3D design application helped to enable Sky News to include news graphics and maps in its coverage of the Iraq War. Sky News’ ongoing working relationship with Vizrt has helped the channel to broadcast substantially higher quality graphics and to meet the demands of HD broadcasts without making any concessions to design speed. On the contrary, the 24-hour news channel can now integrate Vizrt’s Curious Maps server with its breaking news graphics to deliver instant map animations of the story location.

Sky News’ Creative Director, Simon Buglione, commented: “Sky News has a long history of working with Vizrt – this upgrade and integration into our HD infrastructure will ensure we continue to lead in using 3D graphics as a primary tool for our storytelling.”

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