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Vizrt makes an impression

16 June 2010
Vizrt makes an impression

IMPRESA Group, Portugal’s largest media group, has chosen a number of Vizrt applications that cover all aspects of today’s content management workflow, including several Escenic, MAM and Adactus products.
Francisco Maria Balsemão, Vice President and CTO at Impresa, stated: "We decided to invest in our ability to manage and deliver content on a variety of platforms in order to improve our presence and to enable us to access multiple revenue streams. At the same time, we needed to make our workflow as efficient as possible, which led to our choosing Vizrt due to the high level of integration and efficiencies that in our view no other company on the market can deliver to this extent. The fact that the Vizrt Web Content Management solution is specifically tailored for our industry has had a major impact in our decision."

Martin Burkhalter, CEO for Vizrt, stated, "We are very proud to have won the Impresa deal, especially as it is witness to Vizrt’s vision and strategy to support clients in an integrated way in their production, management, delivery and distribution of digital media content. This contract includes a variety of Vizrt’s offerings from our product lines such as Online, Media Asset Management and Mobile Streaming (Adactus), In our opinion, this deal is a great showcase of where we see the industry headed."

Products included in the deal are the Escenic Content Engine for content management, Escenic Mobile Solution for cross platform publication, Escenic Community Engine which allows for easy community building, Adactus Mobilize Transcoding platform for ingest, transcoding and publishing, Viz Video Hub as a media asset management system, as well as the Escenic Widget Template Framework to efficiently implement websites.

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