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Vizrt graphics and Panasonic cameras for Red Bull Stratos

23 October 2012
Vizrt graphics and Panasonic cameras for Red Bull Stratos

Vizrt Technology provided all of the graphics content – for TV and YouTube’s live streaming service – for Red Bull Stratos. The joint team of Vizrt and netventure personnel, represented on site by Yan Heydlauf of Vizrt South West Europe and Stefan Meyer of netventure Germany, gathered live data from capsule telemetry, mission clocks, chest pack information, bio-meds and other mission information in Red Bull Stratos Mission Control in Roswell, New Mexico. Web data services were provided by netventure, using data centres in Germany, Austria, Ireland and the US. The team used Viz Graphic Hub’s shared memory to distribute content simultaneously between New Mexico and the Red Bull Stratos studio at Servus TV in Salzburg, Austria. A Viz|Trio operator simply called up ‘pages’ in a Viz|Trio show while the content was constantly being updated live using scripting and Viz Graphics Hub shared memory maps. Three Viz Engines, Vizrt’s realtime 3D compositing engine, were used to display the on-air graphics and video compositing. “Red Bull has been an exciting partner for us to work with over the last few years. From the Red Bull X-Fighters to this amazing jump, they are constantly pushing the limit and bringing us fun new challenges,” said Petter Ole Jakobsen, CTO Vizrt. “We congratulate Felix for this landmark accomplishment.”

Additionally, Panasonic supplied cameras for Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic fall to earth. The optical ground tracking camera system called ‘Joint Long-range Aerospace Imaging and Relay’ (JLAIR) was developed with the primary imaging equipment including a high definition P2 camera with up to 60 frames per second frame rate. Nine Panasonic AG-HPG20 portable P2HD recorders enabled immediate viewing of the footage in a variety of

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