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Vislink makes uplink even more portable

28 June 2012
Vislink makes uplink even more portable

Vislink has launched a broadcast-specific version of its Advent Mantis MSAT Man-Portable Data Terminal, a highly portable tri-band satellite antenna system specifically designed for ease of use and rapid deployment.
At only 12.5 kilos, the idea is that the Advent MSAT can easily be carried by one person. The system’s fully integrated design means that set-up takes only minutes from arrival to satellite acquisition, making it ideal for rapid deployment field applications when speed is of the essence.
The antenna comes with a 65cm reflector as standard and can be configured to be used in Ka, Ku and X bands. Power is supplied either from mains outlets or 12-36V DC supplies.  As well as having interchangeable modem options, the system can also be specified to have an Advent DVE encoder built in.

Vislink’s marketing operations manager, Mark Anderson, said: “The ultra-lightweight Advent MSAT is a major new antenna design and a compelling addition to the market with major advantages for first-on-scene news reporting.”

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