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Visions kits out with RTS/Telex

22 September 2010
Visions kits out with RTS/Telex

OB specialist Visions has recently invested in a range of kit from RTS/Telex, including ADAM matrices with Tribus cards and the Cronus systems.

“We have been relying on equipment from RTS/Telex since the late 1990s,” said Paul Fournier, Head of Sound. “In fact, all our OB vans and flypacks are built around digital matrices from RTS/Telex starting with Zeus and continuing on to multi-truck ADAM systems with fibre-linked Tribus cards. These systems have proved themselves now in countless productions over the years and demonstrated their exceptional reliability.”

“Also, the overwhelming majority of freelance sound engineers are fully familiar with them. They can all programme the systems without any problems. That makes our job considerably easier.”

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