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Vision launches ruggedised Phantom camera

29 May 2013
Vision launches ruggedised Phantom camera

Vision Research is expanding its line of Phantom Miro cameras to include a ruggedised body style. The Phantom Miro R-Series, the third member of the Phantom Miro family, is targeted at applications in harsh environments where the camera must survive high shock and vibration as well as a broad range of operating temperatures.

The Miro R-Series is offered in the same four performance levels available in the other Miro body styles—110, 310, 120 and 320S.

“Our new Miro R-Series gives customers another choice in camera body style, expanding the number of applications for the camera family,” said Rick Robinson, Marketing Director at Vision Research. “The R-Series is targeted specifically towards those that need a ruggedized camera to withstand severe environmental conditions.”

The Miro R-series is ideal for applications such as automotive crash tests, high-speed sleds and explosives research. As with the other Miro models, the R-Series has an external rechargeable battery (BP-U30 only) and the popular CineFlash non-volatile data storage system. It includes flexible tools for both qualitative and quantitative analysis and is Phantom RCU compatible.

In addition to the R-Series, the other two body styles included in the Phantom Miro family are the M-Series and the LC-Series. The M-Series is targeted at applications where computer control is preferred, such as static installations in laboratories or test facilities where high-speed cines are immediately saved to a computer for viewing and analysis. The LC-Series has an integrated flip-out LCD touchscreen for on-camera control and viewing of recorded cines. It is best employed in applications where the camera is used in a variety of applications, often requiring portability.

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