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Vinten supports Last Man Standing

10 May 2012
Vinten supports Last Man Standing

Director of Photography Donald A. Morgan, ASC, has chosen Vector 70 heads and Fulmar peds from Vinten for the new series Last Man Standing. To capture the movement, Morgan works with a four-camera set up including two peds (A-camera and X-camera), one dolly and a jib. The series started on the Genesis. “This is the first time we have used the Genesis camera on peds,” explained Morgan. “The Genesis/Vinten pairing went extremely well.” However, during the 15th show, production decided to switch to Sony F23s in the same combination. “A more familiar pairing with Vinten,” Morgan added. He explained: “[Director] John [Pasquin] really makes the shots interesting, challenging our operators to the max. He’ll often want a push up stage for a close-up and then a fast pull down stage. That means the guys have to be as versatile as possible. Ordinarily, you’d think that would be a dolly move, which requires three people to execute a shot. Not here. Vinten’s reliability allows a good operator to execute this difficult one-person move precisely and smoothly.” “Multi-camera comedy is always a challenge. It’s usually four cameras, often fighting for position on a stage and in front of a live audience. There is no time for equipment failure or retakes because camera choreography isn’t working,” said Morgan. “That’s not a problem when my guys are on Vinten equipment. If it’s a ped show ­ that ped and head comes from Vinten.”


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