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Vinten aides Saudi TV expansion

23 December 2010

As part of its programme to increase its offering to nine channels, Saudi Television is expanding its production base in Riyadh with three new studios featuring Vinten and Vinten Radamec kit.

Two of the studios, including a new large production studio, will be fitted with pedestals and heads from Vinten, and the third will have two robotic cameras from Vinten Radamec.

The two studios will share a fleet of 12 Quartz Two pedestals with Vector 450 pan and tilt heads. The Quartz Two is a studio pedestal with a two-stage column, giving an on-shot height adjustment of 770mm. It is capable of balancing up to 80kg, more than enough for a modern camera, lens and prompter configuration. The Vector 450 pan and tilt head offers Perfect Balance throughout its ±90˚ of tilt, giving full flexibility to the studio operators.
The third studio is located across the street from Saudi Television’s headquarters, and the decision was taken to equip it with robotic cameras from Vinten Radamec, operated from the master control suite in the main building. The installation includes two Fusion FH-100 robotic heads, which can also be used in manual mode if required, and two Radamec 431 pan and tilt heads, which are designed to give high-performance robotic operation in confined spaces where the camera needs to be as unobtrusive as possible.
System integrator for the project is First Gulf Company. Broadcast systems manager, Orlando Castro, said: “Our client Saudi TV specified Vinten for their new studios, because they are the industry standard. The quality of the product is excellent, and we have complete confidence in this part of the installation.”

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